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#1 – Spend less than you earn  This may seem obvious but we all live in the EMI era where everything is available either on loan or EMI. Both these options are essentially encouraging you to spend your future income in the present. You need to beware of this when you spend.  People don’t get rich spending every last Rupees. People get rich and amass wealth by saving and investing as much as they can. You need to change your Priority from Income -Expense =Savings to Income-Savings=Expense #2 – Keep everything as simple as possible  People are made to believe […]

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What if you have invested 50-60% of your income for a decade and also achieved 12% CAGR, but your father’s Health Deteriorated and had to hospitalized and you don’t have medical insurance for him? What if you have created your financial plan and been saving and investing a greater portion of your money and also generated healthy returns over a period of time but you (god forbid) died of a sudden Accident? What if you have been investing in a diversified portfolio for your financial goals such as child education and Marriage goals, suddenly the industry you are working in […]

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What kind of mutual funds can be invested in at the level of the stock market at the moment? Recently One of my QUORA follower requested an answer to the above question and I felt that the same question may be puzzling my blog readers and other budding Investors' minds.

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ETF Investing is Passive Investing which essentially means your fund is mimicking its benchmark index. ETFs include a basket of securities that mirror the target benchmark. However, units of an ETF are listed and traded via stock exchanges like any other security.

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What type of investor do you want to be? One great thing about freedom is the freedom to choose to live the life you want to live. Regardless of what level you find yourself you can always learn more and take action.

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