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It pains me when I see how people deal with money. I am pained when I see how poor people try to make both ends meet on a daily basis. It greatly pains me when I see middle class people working harder and harder, struggling ever more, while paying huge taxes and interest, even as their money is constantly eaten by inflation and finally ending up in bigger and bigger debt. I believe that each and everyone has the right to ;
1.fulfilling dreams
2. Education
3. Proper medical facilities
4. Peaceful retirement
5. Be rich and wealthy
6. Leave our wealth for future generations and charity.
I , Brijesh Parikh, am Founder & CEO of PlanetWealth Financial Advisors, a Venture with Focus on Comprehensive Financial Planning, Convenience & Client First Approach.

I am an MBA from Sikkim Manipal University; NISM certified Level-1 and Level-2 Financial Advisor and SEBI registered Financial Planner.

Message for Investor

December 12, 1969. Chicago, USA. Braving a typical harsh Chicago winter day, Loren Dunton called a meeting at O’Hare Hilton, which was attended by 1…

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning We all try to plan our lives as much as possible. We expect to finish studies in our early 20s, get a job, buy a house by the...

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Goal Based Planning

Children are always asked what they want to be when they grow up. As a parent, you want to make sure nothing stands in their way, especially somethi...

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