Personal Finance Planning -Case Study

Anand Vaidya & Family basically from Bhavnagar – a 5th largest town of Gujarat and Lives in Rajula/Pipavav. He is doing business of logistics and her sister is working with Pipavav Port.

Mr. Anand Vadiya Family was investing in Fixed Investment instruments such as ppf, Insurance before engaging in the personal financial planning process.

As per him, he was inspired to consult a financial planner as he always read that ‘pls consult your Financial Advisor before investing in this Investment’. He thought when all investment product advertisements are asking to consult a financial advisor, he must.

He was also my student as he pursued his MBA qualification in one of my Institute so he approached me for his financial planning.

During our Initial Planning meetings following issues were found in Mr. Anand’s Personal Finances ;

1) He and her sister were underinsured, though they were paying huge premiums, as they had all investment-linked policies

2) His investments are hardly meeting inflation and were not growing as his real returns were ‘0’ or less

3) There was a scope of investing almost 40 to 50% of his income as they both were earning but the opportunity was lost

We created a financial plan that addresses the above issues and attempts to optimise all wealth creation opportunities available in Mr. Anand’s personal finance life.

As Anand’s Wealth Planner, I did following along with him ;

1) Set and Prioritise financial Goals

2) Set and Articulated Investment Objective

3) Conducted Risk Profile cum Risk coaching Session

4) created a cashflow statement based on newly set priorities

5) Reviewed Risk Management i.e Insurance Needs

Actions Recomended ;

1) Buy Adequate term insurance

2) Surrender/paid-up all investment linked policies , of course case-by-case

3) Created an Investment Policy comprising of Investment Objectives, Asset Allocation based on his risk profile

4) Created an Investment Plan for achieving long term financial goals

As a result of the above actions Mr. Anand Famili’s net worth grew by 33% in just two year and non-financial benefits enjoyed by Mr. Anand family is ;

1) They are in peace with money

2) They are in total control of their personal Finance

2) They are more confident about financial future

3) They are now eying wealth creation , not just achieving financial goals

By The Way, if you want to plan your financial future and create wealth, pls click here and book a 1-Hour Free 1to1 consultation with me and let’s work together for your golden financial future.

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