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Building Wealth Doesn’t Have to be to tough and stressful You are on this page and reading because you desire to create wealth. You are stuck up How to save enough to Invest? Or Where to invest? Why Insurance is required and what type and how much insurance? You are worried about losing capital while investing. How to manage wealth in the ever-increasing inflation and reducing Interest rates? You wanted to know ; How to create wealth that last for generation? How to Manage Wealth? How to Protect Wealth? How to transfer wealth to next generation? Apart from above technical […]

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Hi Falks! Welcome to my second blog on session of Digital Marketing Internship by Deepak Kanakraju – aka DigitalDeepak. Second session was started on a very positive high note that about more than 80% Participants completed their first assignment. Kudos to all who did it and all the best for the second one. Learn-> Do -> Teach It was emphasised that If you really wanted to internalise your learning, you must apply.  Its ‘ok’ if you make mistakes while initial application of Learning, but apply, you must. Marketing is all about Communication Deepak Explained that you must master 1to1 communication […]

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Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak I have been student of Digital Marketing Mastery Video Bundle from Deepak Kankaraju.  While Studying through Video Sessions sometimes I found difficulties in implementing and applying skills to real life situations. DM Internship came to me as blessings in such scenario. I Applied for the programme and got admitted. During Orientation session I realised that programme is designed in a step-by-step process and found the same to fill the gap that I was looking for and I jumped for the participation. The key takeaways from the first session; First Session of the program […]

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*⭐Rich n Happy club – A social Initiave by PlanetWealth ⭐ Objective : Help people understand their inherent potential to become Rich n Happy. *Monthly Meeting format.*🔸Rich n Happy Creedo.🔸 Three Golden rules activity.🔸 1 min members intro.🔸 Today’s topic 10 min.🔸 Book reading 15 min. (For E.g Think and Grow Rich – Nepolean Hill).🔸 Sharing experience of the club by member 10 min. *Terms and conditions :*This club is for social cause, so no profit no loss activity.Meeting expenses to be collected from members.1 hrs meeting, No food no tea, coffee. Interested to join click  and join club and wait […]

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Post Retirement Investments Options : Investors who have retired can invest their retired corpus into following investment options based on their income requirements and Tax Situations ; 1. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) The Senior Citizen Saving Scheme allows you to invest your hard-earned retirement corpus in a safe product and offers the benefit of quarterly interest payment (payable on the first working day of April, July, October and January). You can invest a one-time fixed sum in the SCSS, for a steady source of income. It is a suitable investment that can be held by any retiree (single or […]

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