All you wanted to know about NRI Bankings..

FAQS RELATED TO BANKING   1. What are the different types of accounts that a NRI can open in India ? Answer :- NRIs / OCBs are permitted to maintain accounts with authorized banks in India, wherein they can remit the funds from abroad. The following types of accounts can be opened by NRIs:   NRE […]

Now NRIs Can Have Pension Account in India using NPS NRI Account

Non­resident Indians have recently been allowed to open accounts under the National Pension System (NPS). By opening an NPS account, NRIs can create a pension corpus in India. Eligibility :  An NRI between 18 and 60 years of age can open an NPS account. The account needs to be opened by the individual NRI as […]

Impact of GST on Your Mutual Fund and other Investments

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination based tax regime that will be levied on every value addition throughout India from July 1, 2017, replacing the taxes levied by the central and state governments. The new tax regime, governed by a GST Council under the chairmanship of Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun […]

A primer on Bucket Strategy for Retirement Fund Management..

How to Use the Bucket Approach to Make Your Retirement Savings Last The idea is to set up three or more buckets with different asset classes and different time horizons for liquidating the funds. It will stretch your money over a longer period. Years ago most retirees could rely on pension income from a former employer for […]

Know Your Financial Rights…

We just celebrated our Independence Day, which prompted me to enlist every investors financial rights… Right to know commission paid You have the right to know how much your fund distributor or insurance agent earns from the financial products sold to you. A mutual fund distributor commission, paid by the fund company, is disclosed in […]

Things you should know about Budget 2018..

Lets understand budget 2018, Probably last full budget of Modi Givernment before 2019 LS elections, from personal Finance perspective; Tax on LTCG on equity shares and equity mutual fund units As per current Provision, long term capital gains arising from transfer of long term capital assets, being equity shares of a company or an unit […]

Wealth Creation Opportunity Lost by Young Indians

Wealth Creation Opportunity Lost by Young Indians During my career as Financial Coach, advisor and Planner, I have experienced that majority of young Executives are not recognizing and understanding“Power of Compounding” and are not starting investing in the early days of their career. It is because financial goals are far away (such as retirement etc.) in […]

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