Client Personas – Master Key to Digital Marketing Success

Hi Falks! Welcome to my second blog on session of Digital Marketing Internship by Deepak Kanakraju – aka DigitalDeepak. Second session was started on a very positive high note that about more than 80% Participants completed their first assignment. Kudos to all who did it and all the best for the second one. Learn-> Do […]

Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak

Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak I have been student of Digital Marketing Mastery Video Bundle from Deepak Kankaraju.  While Studying through Video Sessions sometimes I found difficulties in implementing and applying skills to real life situations. DM Internship came to me as blessings in such scenario. I Applied for the programme and got […]

Join Reach and Happy Club at Bhavnagar

*⭐Rich n Happy club – A social Initiave by PlanetWealth ⭐ Objective : Help people understand their inherent potential to become Rich n Happy. *Monthly Meeting format.*🔸Rich n Happy Creedo.🔸 Three Golden rules activity.🔸 1 min members intro.🔸 Today’s topic 10 min.🔸 Book reading 15 min. (For E.g Think and Grow Rich – Nepolean Hill).🔸 […]

Post Retirement Investments Options

Post Retirement Investments Options : Investors who have retired can invest their retired corpus into following investment options based on their income requirements and Tax Situations ; 1. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) The Senior Citizen Saving Scheme allows you to invest your hard-earned retirement corpus in a safe product and offers the benefit of […]

9 Simple steps to achieve financial freedom

Achieving financial freedom requires much foresight and smart planning. It requires not only clever planning and management of income and expenses, but also a bold and frank approach to various situations. However to act prudently in various situations, primarily you have to consider the advice of your family members. Here are some very simple tips […]

4 Mistakes individuals do while saving tax

We recognise the fact that many of you are too busy throughout the year in your economic activities intended to make a living. But if you show the same dedication in your tax planning exercise, the same will enable you to save more and fulfil all your dreams in life. My experience reveals following 4 […]

10 Smart Personal Finance Tips For 2016

  We are reaching towards the end of 2015 and as you step into a new year you will be making some new resolutions. It may be a career change, a house to buy, a vacation for family and others. While making such resolutions, most of the time, personal finance is left behind. It still […]

Registrar &Transfer agents introduce online FATCA updating facility

  ATCA is an anti-tax evasion law under which fund houses are required to report information on US investors to US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) through CBDT. India has agreed ‘in substance’ to FATCA by signing an Intergovernmental Agreement Model 1 (IGA-1) with US in effect from July 9, 2015. Simply put, the legislation is […]

How Mis-Selling is done in the name of Financial Advising

How Mis-Selling is done in the name of Financial Advising ( Story Adapted from PersonalFM Blog) This article showcases the investment story of a doctor, Dr Aman Shah (name changed), who fell prey to the tall promises of his financial planner cum insurance agent. Read on… Here is what happened: The Case: Dr. Aman, a […]

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