Nine mantras to help you in planning a comfortable retirement

Retirement planning is one of the most important financial goals in life but it is often ignored by many people in India who solely depend on their children to take care of them in their twilight years. But people need to understand that children are not retirement solutions and depending on children cannot be a […]

Why 2016 will be difficult, but you should not panic

undsIndiaAdvisor Views: Why 2016 will be difficult, but you should not panic Vidya Bala, Head – Mutual Fund Research It is less than a month since 2016 began, and the equity markets are already down by close to 6 per cent year to date. With this, the markets have corrected 13 per cent since the […]

What to expect from my services as Financial Planner ?

What Is Financial Planning? Financial planning is the process of: Understanding your financial goals; knowing when you will need to use your money, and what you will be using it for. Then laying out a plan of action with specific steps you need to take to achieve those goals. To give good advice a financial […]

Six ways to leak-proof your budget

USE BUDGETING APPS OR ENVELOPES Most budgets spring a leak because they are not implemented well. To account for each paisa, you need to track your expenses under various heads and reconcile these with your income. So, note down all your expenses in a diary or on your mobile, and do it consistently. You could […]

Mutual Fund Investing: How to get started

There has been a shift of preferences towards investment in mutual funds over the past one year. Many people have started to invest in mutual funds for achieving their financial goals (retirement,children’s education, purchasing a house / realestate) with the returns of safe assets like fixed deposits, gold etc giving negative or lower returns. As […]

Should you invest in ELSS or Ulip to save tax

Vidit is 25 and has started working only recently. He will be filing his tax returns for the first time this year. Since the beginning of the year, he has been receiving calls from advisers and agents, asking him to invest in an Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) or Unit Linked In surance Plan (Ulip). Both […]

How to select the best term life insurance plan for you

We have discussed a number of times on our blogs that term insurance is the best form of life insurance. It is a straightforward protection policy and the premium is much less than life insurance cum savings products. With a term life insurance plan you can get the optimal life cover and generate sufficient investible surplus […]

COMMON MISTAKES IN EQUITY INVESTING – how to save from the same

COMMON MISTAKES IN EQUITY INVESTING – how to save from the same Let us consider some of the common mistakes investors make when investing in equity shares. Irrespective of whether they are experienced and seasoned professionals or first time amateurs all investors are susceptible to these mistakes. The market has its own method of finding […]

Common Misconceptions about Mutual Funds Investing

What stops us from doing what we wish to? It is not the lack of money or time. It is simply fear. We do not want to let go of all that we have accumulated in order to embrace something that may lead to losses. This fear is the reason we have never carried out […]

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