Rs 5 cr fine for acting as unregistered investment advisor

Rs 5 cr fine for acting as unregistered investment advisor A very welcome move by SEBI to curb wrongful practices of unregistered players. Some guys were acting as investment advisors offering stock tips through SMS and websites without being registered with SEBI as investment advisors. SEBI got hold of the messages these guys were sending […]

Common Financial Mistake : Buyer Remorse

If you have a tendency to spend money on buying things which you do not really require but end up buying them only because there is a discount available, or because there is some scheme, or because something is available with it for free, then you will suffer from buyer remorse. That is so because […]

When should you change your financial services provider?

Is your stockbroker charging you too much? Has your financial adviser saddled you with expensive investments that are not helping you reach critical goals? Is your health insurance policy low on benefits and high on premium? Maybe it is time you considered switching financial service providers. Thanks to changes in the financial services arena, shifting […]

Debts can be as risky as Equity

Majority of Investors Define risk as Loosing capital during my interactions in Financial Literacy workshops. Corporate credibility, interest rate environment and inflation can eat into your returns or even make them negative There are people, who avoid equity markets thinking these are gamblers dens. And, feel debt investing is safe with no risk, and that […]

Attention NRIs : When Foreigners are Lining up to take advantage of Most Stable and amongst top growing economy of India, Should NRIs not be part of it ?

Investments by NRIs can be made either on a repatriable or non-repatriable basis As we all knoe foreign portfolio investors consider India as one of the best growing economies and hence attractive from an investment standpoint, NRIs too can benefit from a growing ‘home country economy’ by investing in India. Taking the mutual fund route […]

Planning to become an NRI? Check this financial checklist

Given the rise in employment opportunities and a global workforce, you can see people going out of India for pursuing opportunities. However, a person who is a resident outside India has to comply with certain laws and regulations enshrined in FEMA and to ensure the legal and regulatory compliances, some financial tasks should be completed […]

Checklist to Determine Whether You should invest in Real Estate!

Several important questions help you decide whether you have what it takes to succeed and be happy with real estate investments that involve managing property. Do you have sufficient time? Purchasing and owing investment real estate and being a landlord is time consuming. if you fail to do your homework before purchasing property, you can […]

A Primer for NRI investment and taxation in India..

A Primer for NRI investment and taxation in India   Every year several Indians leave the country in search of better prospects and a better life. However, the one common strain amongst those who left long ago and those who left even yesterday is that they continue to retain their ties with the homeland. Most, […]

How I helped Client having Portfolio Lacking Diversification…

How I helped Client having Portfolio Lacking Diversification ; As part of series of Case Studies of Clients ( Names Have been changed) ; I am sharing a case of a client whose portfolio was anything but diversified. And this wasn’t his only problem. To make matters worse, he seemed to have contravened every basic […]


The client, Mr. Mehta is a 55-Yr old individual, employed with a private sector enterprise. His family comprises of his wife (a homemaker) and a son. Mr. Mehta earns an annual salary of Rs. 10, 00,000; broadly speaking, his annual expenses amount to Rs. 500,000 (Rs. 350,000 towards household expenses and Rs. 150,000 towards travelling/holidays). […]

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