This is the case of an individual who was 65 years of age, and had already retired and wanted to plan for cash flows for the rest of his life… So, what was his main wealth planning objective? – To invest his corpus of Rs. 1.50 crore, so as to meet his expenses of Rs. […]

How NRIs can Invest in Mutual Funds and Stocks in India – A primer

Tips for NRIs to invest in Indian  mutual funds, stock market As an Indian staying overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks and mutual funds by following some simple steps.  The country economic prospects continue to be bright and its long­ […]

Financial Planning for Medical Professionals..

The medical profession is held in awe and respect across the globe. It is a noble profession as Medical Professionals try to heal sickness, diseases, treat physical and mental trauma. Acquiring Medical Professional degree is result of years of hard work in academics, many years of training and spending huge sums of money. Usually a […]

How I helped Single Women in WEALTH PLANING

When it comes to making investment decisions, women tend to shift this responsibility on their close family member. While trusting one’s close family members is not wrong; completely depending on them can lead to trouble when one is left alone. The reasons could be an eventuality in the family or a separation from spouse. Separation […]

Retirement Planning-1

RETIREMENT PLANNING-1 Retirement is one of the most important life events all of us will ever experience. From both a personal and financial perspective, realizing a comfortable retirement is an incredibly extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. Even once it is reached; managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that carries […]

Retirement Planning- 2

In continuation to my retirement Planning Series, this is second article. If you have not read first pls click here to read first before reading this second one…   Important factors in Retirement Planning of service class: 1. Normal Retirement: The age set forth in a retirement plan for employees to receive full benefits upon retirement. Retirement before […]

Why NRIs Should Invest their Savings in India ?

India has always been a favorite investment hub for NRIs simply because there are plenty of attractive options here. In the past few decades, NRI investments have increased. This is because globally, India is seen as an emerging economic power and has assumed the role of an important player on the world platform. Since it […]

How to select Right Mutual Fund Scheme For you..

Mutual Fund Investment Choices based on various factors Investment choices are fundamental to our goals. The choices we make determine where our hard earned money has to be invested. The results are reaped after a period of time, when the investment has procured the desired returns. When we hear the term investment choices we are […]

How NRIs Can Invest in National Pension Scheme in India

Non ­resident Indians have  been allowed to open accounts under the National Pension System (NPS). By opening an NPS account, NRIs can create a pension corpus in India. Who can subscribe An NRI between 18 and 60 years of age can open an NPS account. The account needs to be opened by the individual NRI […]

Train your Kids to Acquire RIGHT Money Habits …

The parents are driven by twin passions: kids and money. Caught between furnishing one and fostering the other, the parents forget that there is also the need to strengthen the bond between the two. BASIC MONEY SKILLS Instead of buying assets and hoarding money to secure your child’s financial future, just inculcate good money habits […]

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