What stops us from doing what we wish to? It is not the lack of money or time. It is simply fear. We do not want to let go of all that we have accumulated in order to embrace something that may lead to losses. This fear is the reason we have never carried out half our wishes. How does this fear break? There is no better weapon to fight fear than knowledge. You read so much about the concerned subject that you can counter any fear or objection that might be raised.
The same fear is still deep rooted in Indian mindsets when it comes to investing. We are very hesitant to move ahead of Bank savings and recurring deposits or maybe postal savings. People are extremely afraid of investing in anything that has the word ‘equity’ attached to it. Why are investors so afraid? There are too many stories of loss and risk attached to equities or mutual funds and stock markets while there has never been a story of loss or inefficient returns in Fixed Deposits or Recurring deposits. Hence, investments in Bank deposits or postal savings create immense security.

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