Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak

I have been student of Digital Marketing Mastery Video Bundle from Deepak Kankaraju.  While Studying through Video Sessions sometimes I found difficulties in implementing and applying skills to real life situations. DM Internship came to me as blessings in such scenario.

I Applied for the programme and got admitted. During Orientation session I realised that programme is designed in a step-by-step process and found the same to fill the gap that I was looking for and I jumped for the participation.

The key takeaways from the first session;

First Session of the program started with an introduction to Economics, Marketing and the opportunities available in Digital Marketing Field. The major takeaway in this segment was that “Deciding where to compete is half of your success”. That is you have to choose your niche to compete and its your choice. The session emphasised that there are ample niche/Micro Niche Opportunities available to market as markets are ever expanding.

Before becoming a Digital marketer or learning about a specific technique, one needs to learn and master communication.

Focus to Improve writing skills

Digital marketer needs to do a lot of writing. The more you write, the more you improve as a writer and communicator.

Some of the ways to improve writing are

  1. Regular Reading,
  2. listening to Podcasts,
  3. watch Sitcoms like Office.
  4. Write at least 500 words per day and get feedback from others about your writing skills.

Future Of Digital Matketing

It was emphasised by Deepak Kankaraju, our Mentor, that Digital Marketing will never die as Marketing will never die and same for Digital World.  At most technology being used in digital marketing may evolve further and Digital Marketer should evolve with the same.

Niche Research

As a marketer, one needs to focus on a narrow segment of the market — Niche — to make the best of the opportunities.

Niche is combination of your Talent , Passion and  Market Opportunity.

To find out the profitable niches, start market research with your own problems and how did you find solutions. If you could not find a solution, maybe others are looking for the same. — “Scratch Your Own Itch”.

There are plenty of tools to find out profitable keywords, their search volumes online — Adwords keyword tool, Ubersuggest, Answerthepublic, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Search console, and many more.

With Google trends, find out what are the hot topics and what the world is searching for.

Whenever you find a higher Purchase Intent in these keywords, there is a marketing opportunity.

So, to start with a focus on finalizing your Niche, Keywords related to Your niche, Search volumes of these keywords, long-tail keywords ( more than 3 words) and articles that can be written about these keywords.

Course Structure

The course is structured well with equal importance to theory and practical application of the concepts.

It focuses on Integrated Digital Marketing Approach which involves the following ;

– Content Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Paid Advertising

– Sales and Conversions

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Social Media Marketing

The deserving interns shall also have option to work on live projects based on performance. Though it is a paid internship, one can easily earn back the investment by completing the assignments within the stipulated time frame.

This 12-week program is a good opportunity to get hands-on experience on the basics and various aspects of the digital marketing process.

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