How to Save Tax and Create Wealth – Both…


During my Investor Interactions, I have experienced that Majority of Investors’ purpose of Investing is for Tax Savings only , to avail 80-c tax savings benefit, and that too during January to March only.
I have also experienced that Investors has priority of savings tax over and above returns from Investments. The real problem here is by following simple method, investor can have  tax savings and Wealth Creation both but majority investors are not aware of the same.
This has following Implications;
1. Investing in J-F-M strains Investors cashflows during this period and thus they have to sacrifice certain big-ticket needs arising during this period.
2. Investor loses almost 10-months Growth from Returns, every year, as they invest late so their investments start growing late.
3. Majority of Investors Invest in Traditional Insurance Policies and there by loose on both, insurance and Investments, as their Insurance Cover would be less than what they need to protect their family and traditional policies returns are less than 20 year average returns so your Investments only save tax and do not grow.
Ideally Tax Planning should be Integral part of your Financial Planning Process and it should be an on going process and not a 2-3 Months pressure cooker kind of investments.
What you need to do is ;
1. Buy Pure term Insurance for adequate life cover. 
2. Do proper Asset Allocation based on your Risk-Return Profile 
3. Invest regularly (throughout the year) as per products selected under asset allocation
The benefit of above is;
1. Your family would be protected Financially fully in the event your unfortunate Demise and premium paid for term Insurance shall be helpful saving taxes under 80-c
2. Your regular investments shall help you manage your cash flows regularly and you will not have any pressure during J-F-M months
3. Your Investments shall start growing form the month you invest and there will be no opportunity loss to you.
4. And your investments shall be fully diversified.
So why to save tax only when you can have – tax savings and wealth Creation, both by following methodical Investments Process as outlined above. 
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