Mutual Fund Investing: How to get started

There has been a shift of preferences towards investment in mutual funds over the past one year. Many people have started to invest in mutual funds for achieving their financial goals (retirement,children’s education, purchasing a house / realestate) with the returns of safe assets like fixed deposits, gold etc giving negative or lower returns. As […]

Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Do You Need A Financial Advisor? If you do your own investing, have you ever wondered whether you should turn things over to a professional advisor? This article attempts to shed some light on this topic and provide you with some things to think about so you can make the best decision.   When the […]

Common FInancial Mistakes/Biases and How to overcome -Confirmation / Selective Bias – In Search of Supporting-Only Information

Confirmation / Selective Bias – In Search of Supporting-Only Information Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory/Selective bias) is a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger […]

When should you change your financial services provider?

Is your stockbroker charging you too much? Has your financial adviser saddled you with expensive investments that are not helping you reach critical goals? Is your health insurance policy low on benefits and high on premium? Maybe it is time you considered switching financial service providers. Thanks to changes in the financial services arena, shifting […]

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