4 Mistakes individuals do while saving tax

We recognise the fact that many of you are too busy throughout the year in your economic activities intended to make a living. But if you show the same dedication in your tax planning exercise, the same will enable you to save more and fulfil all your dreams in life. My experience reveals following 4 […]

Should you invest in ELSS or Ulip to save tax

Vidit is 25 and has started working only recently. He will be filing his tax returns for the first time this year. Since the beginning of the year, he has been receiving calls from advisers and agents, asking him to invest in an Equity-Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) or Unit Linked In surance Plan (Ulip). Both […]

How to select the best term life insurance plan for you

We have discussed a number of times on our blogs that term insurance is the best form of life insurance. It is a straightforward protection policy and the premium is much less than life insurance cum savings products. With a term life insurance plan you can get the optimal life cover and generate sufficient investible surplus […]

Benefits of buying a top up/Super top up insurance policy

Topping up health insurance is cheaper than buying a new one, but there are caveats to keep in   Even though medical costs are skyrocketing, the average ticket size of a health insurance policy is around `2 lakh—enough to fund small hospitalization costs, but not a serious case such as a heart attack.   Therefore, […]

Are Investments made in Insurance Policies good enough for Children Education and Retirement?

Are Investments made in Insurance Policies good enough for Children Education and Retirement?   Mr. Pandya(Name Changed to protect privacy) a senior accountant in a leading corporate who attended my Financial Literacy Seminar in his company and approached me for his financial health checkup. On examining his investments and insurances, I found his entire investments […]

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