The 5 Levels of Investors

What type of investor do you want to be?
One great thing about freedom is the freedom to choose to live the life you want to live.
Regardless of what level you find yourself you can always learn more and take action.

Mutual Fund Investing: How to get started

There has been a shift of preferences towards investment in mutual funds over the past one year. Many people have started to invest in mutual funds for achieving their financial goals (retirement,children’s education, purchasing a house / realestate) with the returns of safe assets like fixed deposits, gold etc giving negative or lower returns. As […]

COMMON MISTAKES IN EQUITY INVESTING – how to save from the same

COMMON MISTAKES IN EQUITY INVESTING – how to save from the same Let us consider some of the common mistakes investors make when investing in equity shares. Irrespective of whether they are experienced and seasoned professionals or first time amateurs all investors are susceptible to these mistakes. The market has its own method of finding […]

Common Misconceptions about Mutual Funds Investing

What stops us from doing what we wish to? It is not the lack of money or time. It is simply fear. We do not want to let go of all that we have accumulated in order to embrace something that may lead to losses. This fear is the reason we have never carried out […]

Investing in Stocks is Risky. Is that Correct?

Investing sensibly in stocks is not risky. Stock market is made out to be a troublesome place by the number crunching, jargon-filled analysts, fund managers, financial advisors, and other stock markets experts. After all, if they do not make you believe that investing is risky, how will they ever be able to sell you their wares […]

All about investing in Mutual Funds Direct Plan

From 1st of January, 2013 you have the option of investing in the Direct Plan option of any of the existing schemes of mutual funds. What does that mean? Basically as the word direct implies, under this option you deal directly with a mutual fund without any intermediary or third party like a distributor, agent, […]

Attention NRIs : When Foreigners are Lining up to take advantage of Most Stable and amongst top growing economy of India, Should NRIs not be part of it ?

Investments by NRIs can be made either on a repatriable or non-repatriable basis As we all knoe foreign portfolio investors consider India as one of the best growing economies and hence attractive from an investment standpoint, NRIs too can benefit from a growing ‘home country economy’ by investing in India. Taking the mutual fund route […]

Checklist to Determine Whether You should invest in Real Estate!

Several important questions help you decide whether you have what it takes to succeed and be happy with real estate investments that involve managing property. Do you have sufficient time? Purchasing and owing investment real estate and being a landlord is time consuming. if you fail to do your homework before purchasing property, you can […]

How to select Right Mutual Fund Scheme For you..

Mutual Fund Investment Choices based on various factors Investment choices are fundamental to our goals. The choices we make determine where our hard earned money has to be invested. The results are reaped after a period of time, when the investment has procured the desired returns. When we hear the term investment choices we are […]

What you can learn from the world richest about success

What you can learn from the world richest about success BILL GATES : Cofounder and former CEO of Microsoft NET WORTH : $75 billion, Rs 5,11,125 crore LESSON : Focus on a goal. Gates believes in setting a clear goal and working hard towards it. The process includes finding the right measure to track the […]

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